Instant Uploads

User on-site green screen promotion uploading branded image to social media with worldwide reach

Instant Uploads

During any on-site promotion, it’s great to interact with customers face to face. When we introduce Instant Uploads, we bring the real interactive event to the online social world.

The Green Screen Company specialise in green screen hire and photography at events and promotions with on-site printing and instant uploads.

Instant uploads are a fantastic way to increase your reach from various events. There are several ways of doing this and every event is different. Below is a video that explains the value of uploading your green screen photos to social on the spot!

Green Screen Hire Photo Marketing

Every time a participant posts their green screen photo on social they create 75 organic impressions.

Branded Photo Sharing

For a more private sharing method guests can use our branded sharing platform. On-site, the participants will have the opportunity to send themselves their green screen photo straight to their mobile phone. As most participants use their mobile devices for sharing photos this is ideal. The portal has all your branding and messaging that you want your customers to know. The additional benefit of this is data capture. Guests can opt in for promotional material via email or phone, giving your client targeted high quality customer information. The participants receive a branded email along with their green screen photo and instructions of how to share it. They can include hashtags and tag the clients social handle too.

Share branded images with green screen hire
Branded photo sharing platform


Upload Straight to Social

The most effective way to have people post their photo on social media is to help them do it on-site. While guests wait for their photo they are encouraged to post their digital copy on their timeline. It’s great for your customer as they have now have a digital copy of their photo to go along with their printed photo souvenir. It’s great for you too as they are promoting your brand for you. Real time uploads via Facebook are the most popular choice with some demographics, with uploading green screen photos to Instagram becoming more popular.

Multiple Use Online Gallery

We can upload images as we go to an online gallery. This will have a link/URL determined before your event. You can add this to your marketing campaign stationary, POS displays and can be printed on promotional material for your event. This method is great for guests who would rather use apps on their phone to share the image in their own way and in their own time. Such apps as Twitter, Instagram Facebook are the most popular for sharing green screen images. We can still encourage guests to upload by helping them find their photo in the online gallery on site. This way they are more likely to share it there and then.

Upload to Clients Social

A bit like the online gallery but it will drive traffic straight to the clients social media. All the green screen photos will be uploaded to and album within the clients social media. Guests will then be encouraged to go online and look for their photo. Sharing straight from the clients social media creates a path back to the original page – driving direct traffic to target customers.

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