Green Screen Hire

Our green screen studio can be set up anywhere. We have set up in stores, festivals and exhibitions and can fit into any promotional space you have. Whatever the event we can provide our services.


As well as operating indoors, we can provide green screen hire services outside too. Made possible with our branded marquees.

Custom made graphics can be added to our blank canvassed marquees. Whatever your budget we can supply a suitable package for you. From single poster sizes and full width marketing materials, to full panels and roof design. Our marquees are 4mx4m and are black in colour.


Customers have their photo taken in a green screen photo studio. Our portable set-up is made up of a chrome pole system. It measures around 3.5m wide but we can adjust this to suit the available space we have. Our green screen hire set-up can be flexible in this way.

Built in to our set-up is custom made LED lighting used to illuminate our green screen. Integrated into the custom build frame is a print and computer terminal where all the magic happens.


Images from our green screen are digitally inserted into a branded photo design, pre-made for your event. Our creative team can design one for you or you can supply one yourself. We can include any branding or social media required.


We then print it on the spot. The guests at the event take these photos away with them on the day. Each photo is 6 by 4 inches mounted on an A5 branded flyer or inserted into a photo folder. Participants can then upload their photo to Facebook via our touch screen tablet.