Green Screen Hire

Green Screen Hire

Green Screen Hire Example

To hire a green screen today from The Green Screen Company then Please get in touch. If you are looking for more than just a green screen then please read on to see what we can do for your event!

The Green Screen Company specialise in green screen hire at events and promotions with on-site printing and instant uploads. You can hire us for events all over the UK.

We can create digital images or unlimited print outs for your green screen promotion.

The photos or digital images can include product information, logos and any other promotional details like websites or a Facebook page. We can produce custom photo mounts which can also be branded to suit your event. All your event photos are printed in a matter of seconds so everyone has the chance to enjoy a photo souvenir.


Instant Uploads

Your guests can use our touch screen tablet to upload their photo to Facebook in real time. By doing this they are promoting your brand to their friends through social networks.

Every time someone ‘Likes’ ‘Comments’ or ‘Shares’ the image they create positive impressions of your brand online. We call this Viral Photo Marketing.

Instantly uploading photos adds to the fun and enjoyment of the experience, making it more interactive and memorable for your customers and in turn more profitable for you.

Sharing digital green screen images on social

Green Screen Photography

We are the green screen photography experts. With years of experience in green screen event photography we have the ability to create the perfect picture for you. We know what works well and can design a creative photo template around your brand for your event.

On site we capture professional photos of clients or guests who attend your event. The images are edited by digitally removing the green background to allow the pre-made design to be inserted. Within a few seconds the photos are printed and ready to take away.

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Green Screen Hire

Our green screen studio can be set up anywhere. Our unique green screen set-up has been implemented in stores, festivals and exhibitions and can fit into any promotional space available to us. We can supply a bespoke green screen set-up for you at any location in the UK.

For green screen hire at your next event please Get in touch. Or leave a message below