Green Screen Hire UK

Green Screen Hire UK


The Green Screen Company brings bespoke and unrivalled expertise to your event, wherever it may be across the UK. Whether you are organising an exhibition in Exeter, brand experience in Bristol or corporate event in Cardiff, we can provide the relevant products and services to make your event more special. Green Screen Hire UK offers a flexible service that can be provided either inside or outside and with experience at weddings, parties and product promotions, there is no event too big or too small.


Whilst providing a professional service with fantastic quality products, our highly trained green screen photographers ensure that you get the best value from your Green Screen Co experience. We offer more than just photography. Whether you are promoting a service, showcasing a product, exhibiting or making a brand experience the Green Screen Company can create the perfect green screen promotion.


Our service is both professional and personal. We can help you position your pose depending on your chosen background, provide both standard or personalised props to allow you to get the perfect picture and then print your image almost instantly.  We take pride in our customer service and we do our utmost to make even the most camera shy people enjoy their Green Screen Hire UK experience.




The fun doesn’t stop there.  After you’ve chosen your background, any potential props and had your photo taken, our 4G wi-fi allows you to upload your image straight to your chosen social media profile in real time to share your bespoke experience with your friends and family.


We can provide brand endorsements, branded or framed banners, and other creative template designs that can all be printed on to different mounts at different sizes almost instantly. To see some examples click here.


Our service is highly flexible and can be tailored to suit your demands, Green Screen Hire UK is the only option for event photography so get in touch today to find out more information.