The Green Screen Company

The Green Screen Company offer Green Screen hire with onsite printing and instant uploads for promotions, events and brand experiences throughout the UK.

Green Screen hire services include Green Screen photography, editing and onsite printing. Digital images can be instantly uploaded on the spot to increase brand endorsement through friend to friend marketing. All together we can create a complete package for your event.

Green Screen Hire is a great avenue for brand experience. It can be used for promoting any product, service or event. The versatility of Green Screen photography allows us to put together the perfect promotion. The possibilities are endless.

Your Green Screen promotion is tailored to suit the client. Our Green Screen studio can be designed to fit in with your event. Our branded screen banners can include logos, sales messages, event name and social media content.

Green Screen photography enables us to create any photo design imaginable. Weather it be advertising any product or service or event, our creative team can work with you until we have the perfect picture.

Green Screen hire is utilised when used in conjunction with instant uploads. Our Green Screen promotion would not be complete without showing the world what we are doing as we go. Guests can instantly upload their image to social media like Facebook. In doing this they get a digital copy of their photo and share the experience with friends and family. In doing this they spread the brand and the event through friend to friend brand endorsement.

On site printing and Green Screen hire combined gives your guests or participants a photo souvenir of the experience. A 6×4 inch photo to take home. We can frame all our prints with a branded photo flyer or photo folder. This will be designed around your brand and message. Including colour scheme, logos, contact details, websites and social media information.

Operating UK wide The Green Screen Company can create the perfect Green Screen promotional brand experience for you.