The Green Screen Company Services

User on-site green screen promotion uploading branded image to social media with worldwide reach

Instant Uploads

During any on-site promotion, it’s great to interact with customers face to face. When we introduce Instant Uploads, we bring the real interactive event to the online social world.

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Viral Marketing

In our simplified example, we can show you how a small green screen brand experience can create thousands of organic and viral brand impressions

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Green Screen photos are shared creating a knock on viral effect
Sharing digital green screen images on social

Digital Images

Digital marketing campaigns can still be face to face. Interactive brand experiences can be shared on-site in a matter of seconds.

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On-Site Printing

As part of your promotion we can print photos on-site – giving your customers a photo to take home. You can prints to gifts, merchandise or packaging. Or simply as a branded photo souvenir.

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Green Screen Photos printed with branded frames