Viral Marketing

Green Screen Hire Viral Marketing

Let’s take one individual, taking part in the green screen experience associated with your brand.

They have enjoyed the fun and interactive process of the green screen activity and are happy to receive a free photo at the end.
Green screen hire participant
Green Screen Hire Participant Sharing

They receive their photo on their mobile, right there, on the spot.

We encourage them to share it on their social.
They happily do so and add the branded #’s and @’s that you have for your event, and share it with the world.

On average, 75 people will see the the branded photo.

This group of 75 will be made up of friends, family or followers of the participant.
This positive brand endorsement from someone you know is one of the most powerful way to sell products.
Green Screen Viral
Green screen viral actions

The original group will naturally share the photo on their own social.

This can happen when they comment on the image, re-post it or ‘like‘ it.

The organic group now shares with their following making new viral impressions.

This, in turn, creates a further 75 Viral impressions for every action that is made from the first post.

Green Screen Viral effect
300 impressions

With just three actions from the first post.

We get a total of 300 organic and viral impressions of the brand.
Recommended by people you know.

In an example of a typical event. If we post 120 photos online to social…

We can generate 36K impressions for your brand!

green screen total views

You can watch the video here.