On Site Printing


Our green screen hire services come with on site printing.

Green screen photography with on site printing is a great way to create the perfect brand experience for your customers. Face to face marketing being one of the most effective business building techniques.  With our on site printing we can use our green screen or have a branded photo backdrop created for you. Whatever you prefer we can deliver the perfect brand experience.


Create a buzz around your stall at exhibitions and stand out from the rest. Have us promote your services by giving away photo souvenirs to all participants. The main aim at exhibitions is to see as many people as possible. Green screen photography at your stand will do just that.


Brand experiences with on site printing create a lasting impression with your customer. Guests enjoy the experience of something fun and interactive. Receiving a photo souvenir to remember the experience creates a long lasting impression. Photo souvenirs make your customer more likely to remember your brand in a positive light.


We print a photo for your guests to take away with them. Printed on the spot. Photos can be designed to fall in with your product or service. What better to promote a brand than to have your customers sharing their printed photo with family and friends.

Photos can contain logos, websites, Social media info etc. The actual background can be designed around your brand. Anything you can imagine we can make possible with our green screen. We can make a printed backdrop if you prefer that to the green screen.


We frame all our prints on an A5 card photo mount or a photo folder. These, like the prints, can contain all your customer needs to buy your product. We can include social media so they can interact and share their experience with their friends and family. This sharing is the most positive method of brand endorsement. Something recommended by a friend is more likely to be taken on board than anything else.