Viral Marketing

By adding instant uploads to your green screen hire package you will not only add the interaction and fun factor to your event for your customers but you will increase your exposure and in turn your ROI.


There are several avenues we can take for viral marketing. Facebook uploads being one of them.


Facebook uploads

Guests can instantly upload their photo to Facebook via tablet or computer. When a customer shares your branded photo on their timeline, they are giving a positive endorsement of your brand directly to their friends. People are more likely to buy if a friend has recommended a product or service.

The viral effect comes in whenever a friend ‘Likes’ ‘Tags’ ‘Comments’ or ‘Shares’ the image. On average people have 230 friends on Facebook. For people who use Facebook more often the figure is much more. Around one third of these friends will actually see a post. This gives us 75 impressions from any one upload.

Let’s say in an afternoon we upload 200 different photos comprising of 1000 guests.

If for example, no one ‘liked’ Tagged’ or ‘Commented’ on any of the photos. On average 15,000 people would actually see the post. Obviously we know this is the minimum post reach as people will be commenting and liking photos.

In the same example if just everyone was tagged in the photos then 75,000 friends would see your branded image.


Not only that but with the interactive process of green screen promotions, guests are left with a long lasting positive impression of your brand.


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