Instant Uploads

The Green Screen Company specialise in green screen photography at events and promotions with on-site printing and instant uploads.

Instant uploads are a fantastic way to increase your reach from various events. There are several ways of doing this and every event is different. Here are a few options.


Facebook uploads

The most effective way to have people post their photo on social media is to help them do it onsite. While guests wait for their photo they are encouraged to post their digital copy on their timeline. It’s great for your customer as they have now have a digital copy of their photo to go along with their printed photo souvenir. It’s great for you too as they are promoting your brand for you. Real time uploads via Facebook are the most popular choice.


Multiple Use Online Gallery

We can upload images as we go to an online gallery. This will have a link/URL determined before your event. This online gallery’s link will be printed on promotional material for your event. This method is great for guests who would rather use apps on their phone to share the image in their own way and in their own time. Such apps as Twitter, Instagram Facebook are the most popular. We can still encourage guests by helping them find their photo in the online gallery on site. This way they are more likely to share it there and then.



For a more private sharing method guests can email themselves the photo. Still with the added benefit of having a digital copy of their experience. If they so choose to share it from there then that’s great too.


If you would like to discuss instant uploads at your next event please contact us