Green Screen Promotions

When planning any event, you want to maximise your return on investment. That means reaching the maximum number of potential customers, and their friends, in the time you have.

The advantages of Photo Marketing reach beyond the physical limitations and time constraints that come with events. Viral Photo Marketing continues to work after the event is over, therefore you can reach thousands more customers than you would with traditional event marketing, and in turn increase your ROI.

Your customer’s participation and interaction in Photo Marketing makes it memorable. It is fun, interactive and best of all, entertaining. People remember the fun experiences they have, and they want to talk about it. That just comes naturally. When your customers leave an event with their Photo Flyer souvenir as a reminder they will be sure to share that experience with others. And sharing through social media makes it increasingly easy and with a big effect.

If customers can experience and interact with your brand, then we have created something worth the investment.