Green Screen Promotion

Make your green screen promotion picture perfect with The Green Screen Company. We set up our portable green screen studio for any event or promotion.


Green screen promotion key areas:

  • Product launches
  • Brand experiences
  • Corporate functions
  • Exhibitions
  • Venue promotion
  • Event promotion
  • Social media interaction
  • Brand awareness
  • Marketing



We can create the perfect package for you. From simple as green screen hire to the complete promotion from start to finish.

We offer branded banners and posters to tie our set-up in with your promotion. From screen banners surrounding our green screen to complete marketing solutions with full branded marquees, especially good for outdoor events.

On-site printing services can include different print sizes, photo folders and marketing materials like photo key rings or magnets. All branded for your event.



Participants have their photo taken in our green screen photo studio on location. Our equipment is modern sleek and professional. LED lighting, Photography and On-site printing.



Green screen promotion photos are edited on site. Digitally removing the green background we insert a branded template in it’s place. Pre-made templates specifically designed for your event.



Guests can upload their new branded photo to social media. Our team can help tag your business in their post to then share with friends. A great way to create a buzz online in real time.


Contact us to discuss your requirements and to find out more.