Green Screen Birmingham

In and around Birmingham, The Green Screen Company can create the perfect Green Screen promotional brand experience for you.

Green Screen Birmingham

The Green Screen Company offer green screen hire in Birmingham and surrounding areas. We create fun campaigns to promote your product or services. We can also use our green screen to entertain or promote at all the various Birmingham venues, shopping centres or festivals.

Promotional green screen activation’s have been growing in popularity in and around Birmingham in the past few years.

Our clients are realising that our green screen promotions are adding exponential value to their marketing budget. Taking advantage of the relative ‘cost per impression’ that green screen activation’s offer, and the brand strengthening that face to face marketing gives you.

We can create a fun and memorable experience for your customers, and at the same time promote your business through social platforms in an exciting visual way. 

Green Screen Birmingham

Marketing Campaign Example

Green Screen Company closes the gap between online photo sharing and brand experiences on site. Operating green screen experiential marketing campaigns in front of customers does just that.

We invite your customer to take part for a free photo – either printed or digital or both. Once we take them through the process, they can share their photo on any social platform they wish. So wherever you are in Birmingham, we can reach customers all over the UK.

Green Screen Hire Birmingham.

Viral Photo Marketing creates a strong bridge between the online world and real-life experience.

On site, we have a green screen interactive experience for your customers to enjoy. We can print branded photos for your customers to take home. Then, we upload branded images to customers to share on their preferred social for massive effect.

In sharing the images, we share your brand in a positive light. Your customers having a good time with your brand.

Why choose The Green Screen Company?

Green Screen Hire is a great avenue for brand experience. It can be used for promoting any product, service or event. The versatility of Green Screen photography allows us to put together the perfect promotion. The possibilities are endless. 


Your Green Screen Birmingham promotion is tailored to suit the client. Our Green Screen studio can be designed to fit in with your event. Our branded screen banners can include logos, sales messages, event name and social media content. 


Green Screen photography enables us to create any photo design imaginable. Weather it be advertising any product or service or event, our creative team can work with you until we have the perfect picture.