Rubicon needed a green screen brand experience to promote their tropical drinks. We did a tour around the UK from London to Glasgow stopping at different locations spread out over the summer.


The idea was to create a tropical paradise for guests to enjoy while they sipped some tasty Rubicon from a coconut. We were set up outside in a branded marquee so even if the rain came down we were still sitting in our virtual paradise.


We had around 6,500 people through the brand experience. With most participants uploading their photo on site to their Facebook page. A huge success. Every upload, ‘Like’ ‘Tag’ ‘Comment’ or ‘Share’ would have created on average 75 impressions of the Rubicon brand online. As you can imagine this would have created hundreds of thousands of impressions. Each impression being promoted by a friend.


We printed photos on site for guests to take home. Every photo printed was framed on a bespoke card mount. Each with the Rubicon branding and hash tags used for the promotion. A great photo souvenir to treasure for years to come.