Islay Fest

A variety of products and services were utilised at this years annual Islay Festival. With whisky being the centre attraction for the week we were happy to get involved.

Onsite printing

We set up onsite at several distilleries across the island. Some used our green screen and some opted for just photography and prints. We printedĀ a photo for everyone who participated so they could take them away with them andĀ have a long lasting souvenir of the experience.

Photo mounts

Every photo was framed on an A5 photo mount. Photo mounts were designed around the brand. This included promotional material, logos, websites #’s social media contacts etc.

Green screen hire

Some distilleries opted for the green screen experience. We took customer photos in our green screen studio set up on site. Then these images were edited and inserted into a pre-made photo template. We had photos inside the whisky vaults and in and around the whisky barrels – whisky props in hand! Once completed photos were printed out one per person.

Instant uploads

Guests had the opportunity to upload and share their photos through Facebook. In doing so they spread the branded photos with their friends and family. This creates friend to friend brand endorsements every time someone makes a ‘post’ ‘tag’ ‘comment’ ‘like’ or ‘share’. With tens of thousands of organic and viral impressions from the images we really created a successful brand promotion.


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