Edinburgh Whisky Stramash

The Edinburgh Whisky Stramash was a three day event in the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. We were tasked with creating images for guests on site with real time instant uploads to Facebook.


By promoting the event through social media in this way we managed to create around 37,000 organic impressions over the weekend. With every ‘Like’ ‘Comment’ or ‘Share’ there were on average 75 viral impressions to add. As you can see from the images they include the Logo and Website for the event thus imprinting a positive brand endorsement with every photo.


The template was designed to have the look of a giant Whisky glass with guests standing inside. With props to dress up to create the feel of living in the distillery’s back in the day and there was plenty of whisky to be enjoyed. We had a very successful weekend.


The fun and excitement of the interactive process creates a long lasting memory of the brand experience.