Green Screen Photography Hire for Events and Promotions. UK Nationwide.

Green screen photography for events in three easy steps.


We take photos of your customers in our portable green screen photography studio. The studio consists of a green screen with professional studio lighting. A photographer to capture the best photo. A computer terminal is operated by an expert to edit and print the photos. We have touch screen tablets so guests can upload their photo to Facebook in real time.


Your photo template is designed around your brand. We work with you to create a design to suit your specific needs. On site the green screen is digitally removed by our green screen expert to allow the branded template to be inserted. After that, it only takes a few seconds to print the photo on the spot. We frame each photo on an A5 branded card flyer or in a photo folder.

We use the digital images created at your green screen event to promote your brand online. Your customers can instantly upload their photo via our touch screen tablets in real time. All this with our super fast 4G mobile broadband. Your guests are invited to view, tag and share these images through social media. Every time someone does this it creates organic and viral impressions of your brand...

To see an example of the effect this can have on your brand see our Green Screen Promotion page.

Green Screen Photography Studio examples for Events and Promotions. UK Nationwide.